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BLACKROLL are foam rollers that can be used in many exercises for  relaxation and stretching of muscle groups with the help of myoperitoneal release techniques  (connective tissue of muscles). At the same time, multiple beneficial benefits result from increased blood circulation and lymphatic decongestion.

BLACKROLL have been established in the areas of Functional Training  and Orthopedic Chiropractic (Manual Therapy) for years and now began to expand to the general public. Blackroll offers through  simple exercises  the possibility for people of all ages and different levels of sport  to:


  • enhance their balance, flexibility and mobility,

  • strengthen their musculoskeletal system,

  • reduce muscle pain

The exercises and mechanism of action are based on myofascial release techniques with benefits that have been extensively documented by the scientific community. BLACKROLL is also used in rehabilitation programs and various exercise systems (Pilates, Yoga, etc.). Their use also helps prevent injuries and athletic recovery to increase performance.

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