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Interactive evaluation and retraining platform

The revolutionary boboPRO training platform can be mounted on classic balance systems (Bosu, balance discs, foam balancing surfaces), turning them into interactive retraining platforms.

This smart training tool dramatically increases trainee involvement, allows performance appraisal and personalized therapy, offering a wide range of positions and levels of exercise. The trainee, changing the inclination of the platform, controls virtual reality games and educational programs that are installed on the Android tablet boboTAB.

With boboTAB the user can run and watch all the games and educational programs of boboPRO, as well as all the gradient games for Android that are available in Google play (by downloading the respective applications).


  • BoboPRO platform

  • Tablet boboTAB with case and mounting accessories

  • USB chargers for platform and tablet

  • Poster with exercise positions

  • HDMI cable for connecting the tablet to an external monitor

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