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Game Ready is an innovative intermittent compression cryotherapy system based on NASA technology for astronaut costumes. It offers unique advantages such as ease of use, application to difficult joints, portability, combined application of cold and compression as well as excellent value for money.

It is used by the largest professional & amateur sports teams, athletes, physiotherapists and sports doctors as well as orthopedic clinics, rehabilitation centers and occupational physiology centers around the world.

Game Ready is a complete solution for the implementation of the K.A.P.A protocol (Cryotherapy, Suction position, Bandaging, Rest).

The ability to precisely adjust the temperature per degree as well as the ability to adjust the simultaneous application of intermittent compression in 3 value ranges (unit mmHg) bring all the related benefits such as

  • vasoconstriction,

  • lymphatic drainage of metabolites,

  • acceleration of epidemic action, cold effect at great depth.

  • immediate treatment of joint and muscle injuries.

  • effect of cold at greater tissue depth while maintaining a constant temperature throughout the application surface.

  • significant exudative action and better lymphatic drainage of metabolites.

  • faster tissue healing and more efficient recovery.

Game Ready offers combined benefits from both the deep application of cold to joints and large muscle groups and the parallel exercise of cyclically changing pressure. It is a complete cryotherapy-circulatory solution as it provides focused action through the special anatomical covers and provides the possibility of complete adjustment of the individual parameters, such as temperature and pressure. Therefore, it is not accompanied by the known disadvantages of such systems, such as the risk of cold burns, water leakage, inefficient focus on the affected area, reduced heat exchange, the need for constant presence of therapeutic staff when using large cryotherapy devices with air, etc.

At the same time, the existence of a large number of large surface covers for all joints and torso provides the possibility of applying the system in cases difficult to deal with conventional means (such as the shoulder or hip).

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