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The term laser means amplification of light by forced emission of radiation. That is, we use the emission of radiation from excited atoms of some elements which we collect and direct in a beam of light. This energy strikes the tissues and causes depending on the intensity and wavelength that has different reactions:

On the skin, it increases secretion  collagen and elastin  

In the  adipose tissue, reduces the volume of fat cells

In muscle tissue, it causes hyperemia and increased metabolism

In the nervous tissue it increases the irritation gate of the nerve fiber and this helps to reduce the pain

In the bone tissue end, it increases its regenerative action.

The general indications of its use are: 

        cell regeneration and regeneration

        traffic improvement 

        anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action

        analgesic and antispasmodic effect  


        bleeding conditions

        malignant neoplasms

        close to the thyroid

        close to the eyes

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