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THE  Lymph Press  is a device that with the periodic pressure exerted by air on the respective applicators for the upper or lower extremity and from the periphery to the center with a defined frequency and pressure (adjustable) air promotes the action of the skeletal muscles and the valvular mechanism of the veins . In other words, the return movement of the blood to the veins, the good lymphatic movement and also a more general massage of the muscles are achieved.


Therapeutic Results  :


  • Increasing peripheral traffic with constant pressures - breakdowns

  • Increase  of temperature in the treated area

  • Absorption of edema with clear volumetric changes

  • Better venous return circulation

Indications  :


  1. Chronic lymphedema

  2. Acute Swelling (post-traumatic, after fracture, after burn)

  3. Postoperatively or in cases of long stay of the patient in bed

  4. Chronic venous edema

  5. Chronic venous insufficiency - venous stasis

  6. Cellulite

  7. Deep vein thrombosis

  8. Surgical lymph node dissection

  9. Lymphedema

  10. After paralysis of the CNS. (total - partial)

  11. After mastectomy

  12. After injury

  13. Rheumatic edema

  14. Varicose veins of the lower extremities

  15. Venous sclerosis

  16. Sciatica

  17. Shoulder periarthritis

  18. Ulnar neuritis

  19. Anterior cruciate ligament rupture

  20. Meniscal tear

  21. Knee Osteoarthritis

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